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Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure

Veracruz is not a destination that is popularly visited by travelers to Mexico. It is an often neglected destination. However, the state of Veracruz has a huge number of excellent sights on offer that simply makes for a superbly rewarding destination. To top it all off, the state is also not commercialized and touristy like the more popular tourist places, and the tourist hordes have remained delightfully away from here. Continue Reading

San Lucas Mexico Vacations Packages

Dreams Cancun Resort Spa All-InclusiveRiu Pаlасе Cabo Sаn Luсаѕ All-Incluѕіve – The Riu Pаlасе Cаbо Sаn Luсаs All-Incluѕіvе resorts offеrѕ аn exсellent chоiсе fоr vіѕіtors whо want to enјоу Cаbо San Luсas with an all-inсlusive stay thаt mееtѕ mоѕt budgetѕ. Onе word of саutіоn thоugh, thеre аrе mаny thіngѕ whісh mаy nоt bе іnсluded in thе ѕіnglе рrіcе, such aѕ the аla сarte menuѕ and сеrtain aсtіvitiеѕ, but the pricе іѕ uѕuаllу affordаblе. Continue Reading

El Cid Castilla Beach Resort

Rose from humble beginnings with a vision to generate jobs and economically develop the Caribbean nation, today El Cid group has a proud presence in Mazatlản, Cozumel and Cancun, the most popular tourist destination cities of Mexico. Unless and until you have a comfortable sleep and your appetite satisfied, you cannot appreciate the marvel of the nature or mankind. But the El Cid Castilla Beach in Mazatlản will ensure that you have a comfortable stay, good food to satisfy your craving and also enjoy the panoramic view of the city known as “Pearl of the Pacific”. Continue Reading

Mexico Dolphin Adventure

We have fascination towards aquatic animals, because they live in a complete different habitat then humans. Dolphin Discovery is one such place where you can enjoy along the dolphins. Dolphin Discovery is located in exotic location of Isla Mujeres in Mexico’s Caribbean. Dolphin Discovery is only forty minutes from Marina Aquatours, that is in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. Continue Reading

Mexico Hotels

The country of Mexico is situated in North America. To its north lies the United States of America. The North Pacific Ocean lies to its south and west. To its southeast lie Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded in the east by the Gulf of Mexico. The country of Mexico is a republican federation comprising of thirty-one states. Mexico City serves as the federal district. It is also one of the most densely inhabited areas in the world. Continue Reading

Acapulco Bay

Explosive nightlife, picture perfect postcard beaches, world class hotels, unlimited and exciting water sports, gourmet restaurants and last but not the least the enchanting beauty of Acapulco Bay, Acapulco the most happening and rocking city of Mexico is just the best. The azure beaches, massive nightclubs where people can be seen partying hard until sunrise have attracted the tourists since ages. Rightly called the queen of Mexican beach resort, Acapulco is a tropical paradise for the honeymooners, party animals, nature lovers and adrenaline junkies love coming to this place again and again. Continue Reading

Playa Olas Altas beach

Playa Olas Altas – The first tourist beach in Mazatlan is a paradise for wind surfers during the summers. As it names goes; Playa Olas Altas which means high waves; the same it goes. Though this place is not suited for swimming but will prove to be an ultimate holiday destination for those looking to relax and chill and watch the brave surfers bear the waves. The best part of the Playa Olas Altas beach is that it has not changed a bit since it was discovered. The entire stratech of white sand beach kissing the ocean and being kissed by the sun in return is simply beautiful. Continue Reading

Tulum Beach – Calling You!!!

If you like beaches and want to trade the go- go- go of city life for a quiet beach vacation; it doesn’t get much better than Tulum. One of the most beautiful beaches along the Mayan Riviera, the vision of shocking Blue Ocean against the backdrop of the ruins and cliffs takes your breath away. The feeling of Castillo (the castle) overhead and the playful waves of the Caribbean at your feet is simply wow!!! Discover a true paradise where the beach stretches for miles and miles and you find yourself standing on power soft sand. Surrounded by dense jungles, beach cabanas, beautiful resorts and hotels, this place should be on the list of every travel enthusiast. Continue Reading