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Mexico tourist attractions

Mexico beach and palms

Mexico beach and palms

Discover the fascinating world of Mexico with Plan your first trip to Mexico with us. You will find all the information you are looking for. The best beaches, hotels, resorts, places of historical importance, Wildlife and natural reserves, the most rocking and happening cities of Mexico. It will serve as an information portal helping you to plan your holiday and make most out of it.

The sun kissed beaches, the white powdery sand, the water sport adventure – Kayaking, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, paragliding, rock climbing, scuba diving; the fun does not stop here. Continue Reading

Tourist Attractions in Huatulco Mexico

Huatulco in the Mexico is a great attraction for the tourists and the stats show a significant increase in the tourists in past 5 years. This place is becoming a relaxing and pleasant holiday destination. We all know that Mexico is highest visited destination from the people of the USA. Its very famous for its beaches, night life and Latino culture. Continue Reading

Nezahualcoyotl – Sights

Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl is commonly known as Ciudad Neza. It is the third largest city in Mexico, and is located to the north east corner of the Federal District of Mexico and is located within the Mexico City Metropolitan Area. The city was named in honor of Nezahualcoyotl, a King and Acolhua Poet from Texcoco. The town was constructed on the drained Lake Texcoco bed. Continue Reading

Morelia, Michoacan – Sights

Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacan. The city has a total of about five hundred thousand inhabitants. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The city has close to two thousand buildings that are historically important. Pin quarry stone is the characteristic feature of the historical buildings in the city. Continue Reading

Volcanoes in Mexico: Great climbing options

In most people minds, Mexico is the destination of beautiful beaches, great water sports, warm sunshine, and the fascinating pre-Columbian ruins. But, in this article, you will come across an unbelievable topography – volcanoes! This is because Mexico resides on the North American tectonic plate. If you are a climber and a great fan of Mexico, it’s a great deal to explore the volcanoes in Mexico. Continue Reading

Zihuatanejo attractions

Zihuatanejo Mexico is not quite different from its sister town of Ixtapa. If the latter is a logically calm Mexican-style destination, the former is the genuine package to feel the life of Mexico. Also known as Zihua, Zihuatanejo is a beautiful barn of the beaches, easy lifestyle, and welcoming people. Continue Reading

Michoacan Mexico: A tour of its World Heritage Site

Michoacan Mexico on the Pacific Shore is a wonderful state featuring the unmatched and cultural heritage in Mexico. In this article, I will take you on a tour of its UNESCO Heritage site that is none other than its capital Morelia boasting a coherent colonial-style throughout. Regarded as one of the eye-soothing Mexican cities, this capital of Michoacan Mexico is only virtually on the well visited route of the holiday visitors and so you can well stroll across the town without fear of the Bermuda mass. Continue Reading

Copper Canyon explored via an exciting rail trip!

Welcome to Northwest Mexico’s wilderness! Nestled in Sierra Tarahumara of the Chihuahua state, Copper Canyon is a genuine set of nearly 6 unique canyons formed by 6 different rivers in this desert region. Continue Reading

Calakmul: Largest Mayan ruins in lowlands

Adorning the largest tropical biosphere reserve in the Mexico’s Campeche state, the Calakmul Mayan city is regarded as one of he strongest as well as largest ruins of the Mayan times in the lowlands of Mesoamerica. Continue Reading

Coba Mayan ruins

The Coba Mayan ruins refer to a grand archaeological site accessible from Playa del Carmen in just two hours. Nestled close to Tulum, this one seems to be almost unexplored as much of it is yet to be excavated forming much mystery and unanswered questions just as the other Mayan sites. Considered as among the largest Mayan cities, the Coba Mayan site is thought to be a vital trade hub situated between the Caribbean and Chichen Itza in its olden days. Continue Reading