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Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure

Veracruz is not a destination that is popularly visited by travelers to Mexico. It is an often neglected destination. However, the state of Veracruz has a huge number of excellent sights on offer that simply makes for a superbly rewarding destination. To top it all off, the state is also not commercialized and touristy like the more popular tourist places, and the tourist hordes have remained delightfully away from here. Continue Reading

Exotic tourist destinations: Cancun

With about 3 million people taking vacation in Cancun annually, it is sure that the city attracts most tourists than other cities in Mexico. Cancun is popular for its incredible beaches, most stunning views, plenty of exciting adventure, activities and access to very old and ancient civilizations as it has as interesting history as the many recent or modern attractions that it offers.

The development of modern day Cancun had not begun until the mid 1970’s when it was decided by a group of Mexican businessmen that Cancun has the potential of being an ideal resort town for Mexico. Continue Reading

Nezahualcoyotl – Sights

Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl is commonly known as Ciudad Neza. It is the third largest city in Mexico, and is located to the north east corner of the Federal District of Mexico and is located within the Mexico City Metropolitan Area. The city was named in honor of Nezahualcoyotl, a King and Acolhua Poet from Texcoco. The town was constructed on the drained Lake Texcoco bed. Continue Reading

Volcanoes in Mexico: Great climbing options

In most people minds, Mexico is the destination of beautiful beaches, great water sports, warm sunshine, and the fascinating pre-Columbian ruins. But, in this article, you will come across an unbelievable topography – volcanoes! This is because Mexico resides on the North American tectonic plate. If you are a climber and a great fan of Mexico, it’s a great deal to explore the volcanoes in Mexico. Continue Reading

Michoacan Mexico: A tour of its World Heritage Site

Michoacan Mexico on the Pacific Shore is a wonderful state featuring the unmatched and cultural heritage in Mexico. In this article, I will take you on a tour of its UNESCO Heritage site that is none other than its capital Morelia boasting a coherent colonial-style throughout. Regarded as one of the eye-soothing Mexican cities, this capital of Michoacan Mexico is only virtually on the well visited route of the holiday visitors and so you can well stroll across the town without fear of the Bermuda mass. Continue Reading

Copper Canyon explored via an exciting rail trip!

Welcome to Northwest Mexico’s wilderness! Nestled in Sierra Tarahumara of the Chihuahua state, Copper Canyon is a genuine set of nearly 6 unique canyons formed by 6 different rivers in this desert region. Continue Reading

Monte Alban: The holy archaeological site in Mexico

Nestled on a 400-m mountain over the Valley of Oaxaca, Monte Alban since long has been the sacred city of over 20,000 Zapotecs. Until now, this archaeological site is the most fascinating and widely exhumed ruin that forms only 10% of the actual site that is still to be uncovered. Talking about its too log history, Monte Alban was inhabited by the Zapotecs between 800 and 500 B.C and they started to monumentally level the mountain around 500 BC leading them to construct Monte Alban that was influenced by many cultures evident in its many sculptures. Continue Reading

Mazatlan is the heart of Mexico

What is your formula for a perfect vacation? Miles upon miles of palm trees, water crushing at the feet of sun kissed beaches ideal for sun bathing and many sea related activities with a perfect blend of charms of art galleries, elegant building and the unmistakeable cathedral, rocking nightlife, buzzing shopping area; what else can one ask for? Mazatlan is a grandiose city located in the northwest of Mexico. Mazatlan means the land of deer. It is a perfect tourist destination as you can enjoy scuba diving, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing and snorkelling. Continue Reading

Chichen Itza

The most widely studied; excavated and restored of more than any other Mayan Cities is Chichen Itza. Midway Cancun and Merida on the Yucatan peninsula, the ruins of Chichen Itza, better known as El Castilo(Castle) was recently voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. I used to think that such things win the attraction of only intellectuals, historians but to my awe this place captured my whole attention. I was all the more excited to know more and more about the Mayan Civilization. Continue Reading