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Mexico Adventure Tours

So you are finally in the land of colour, hues, vibrance and radiance. The land of Mexico. How could you avoid going to the great adventurous spots > You never should. Just go ahead and let your hair down and enjoy. Continue Reading

Mexico Dolphin Adventure

We have fascination towards aquatic animals, because they live in a complete different habitat then humans. Dolphin Discovery is one such place where you can enjoy along the dolphins. Dolphin Discovery is located in exotic location of Isla Mujeres in Mexico’s Caribbean. Dolphin Discovery is only forty minutes from Marina Aquatours, that is in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. Continue Reading

Yucatan: The Main Fauna Species and Where to Spot them

The Yucatan Peninsula has more than a hundred and twenty five mammals. The region is home to more than twenty five per cent of what is the total population of mammals in Mexico. While you take a tour of the various sites close to Cancun, make sure that you do not miss any of the following creatures. Continue Reading

Volcanoes in Mexico: Great climbing options

In most people minds, Mexico is the destination of beautiful beaches, great water sports, warm sunshine, and the fascinating pre-Columbian ruins. But, in this article, you will come across an unbelievable topography – volcanoes! This is because Mexico resides on the North American tectonic plate. If you are a climber and a great fan of Mexico, it’s a great deal to explore the volcanoes in Mexico. Continue Reading

Wildlife of Mexico

Wildlife of Mexico is rich and diverse. The vast differences in weather ensure that Mexico has a huge range of flora and fauna. Mexico has a rich collection of hardwoods, including ebony, mahogany, rosewood, and walnut. Mexico has a rich supply of pine, oak, cacao, and fir. The beans from the cacao plant are the source of chocolate. Continue Reading