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Touring in Cancun – Must Sees’ around Cancun

OK guys, so you’re sittin’ on that glorious white sandy beach, soaking up the sun, gazing out onto the beautiful turquoise sea – who could blame you for not wanting to move? but you’ll be sorry! Out there, within only an hour’s drive- you have so much adventure just waiting for you to explore! After you explored the best beaches around Cancun check out the must see attractions around Cancun! Continue Reading

The Island of Women – Isla Mujeres

A tiny Island on the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun is called the Island Of Women. I wonder were there only women who found this island or only women lived her. But let’s not discuss this. We are here to find the wonders this place has in store for a nice vacation package. Even this place finds mention in the Mayan History. The Mayan considered it a sacred place, where the Goddess of fertility, the moon, love and medicine, Ix Chel used to reside. This is the perfect choice for the visitor who seeks sand, sun and fun of the Caribbean Coast. This Island still remains to be more of a fishing village where the life goes on at a very slow pace. Continue Reading