Yucatan: The Main Fauna Species and Where to Spot them

The Yucatan Peninsula has more than a hundred and twenty five mammals. The region is home to more than twenty five per cent of what is the total population of mammals in Mexico. While you take a tour of the various sites close to Cancun, make sure that you do not miss any of the following creatures.

• Central American Spider Monkey . . .

The Central American Spider Monkey is a playful creature that can mainly be spotted at the old Mayan ruin sites such as Coba and Chichen Itza. These sites are extremely popular and are part of many tour programs leaving from Cancun. These are recommended for tourists and travel experts.

• Puma and Jaguar . . .

Yucatan is home to mainly five species of big cats. These felines are not that easy to spot. There are a number of these at the local nature reserves in Yucatan. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot a couple of these and perhaps even photograph them.

• Kinkajou and Coatimundi . . .

Kinkajou and Coatimundi are two extremely unique mammals. If you happen to have an encounter with any of these creatures, enjoy the experience.

More than twenty five per cent of the main species of mammals located in Yucatan are aquatic species. These spend their lives underwater. The tranquil waters of the Cancun coast are filled with a range of underwater mammals such as dolphins and whales. These are in quite large numbers and in a variety of species as well.
• Whales . . .

The area of sea that is close to the Cancun coast offer excellent opportunities for whale spotting, throughout the year. You will be able to spot al least nineteen different species of whales in the island. There are several aquatic preserves and aquariums that have whales, but the best way to spot these open water species is of course on boat a tour or charter boat on the Caribbean.

• Dolphins . . .

The Yucatan waters are home to more than elevent different species of dolphins. These are inclusive of the Bottlenose dolphin, one of the most playful of the species.

• Shark . . .

You will be able to see at least ten species of mammals in the Caribbean waters around Yucatan. There is the peaceful white shark here as well.

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